Instant Solution To Unlock The iPhone Device

One of the most common queries generally rose by many users, “how to unlock iCloud account" without knowing the password!The solution is very simple than what you think. If you are facing the same problem and your iPhone get locked, then you need to unlock your device by entering the password of the linked iCloud account to your device. But, unfortunately, you don’t know the password as you have bought used iPhone 6 from the retailer, which is locked by the iCloud OS, then, don’t panic. We have found the convenient ways to unlock your iPhone device. For your ease, here we are providing you with the important information which will help you to unlock your iPhone device easily. Just go through the below-mentioned information or if you find any difficulty while unlocking your iPhone or not getting anything, then you are welcome to give a call to the iCloud customer support team number. 

Simple Steps To Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone Device Permanently:

After executing the quick solution, you will easily get the accessibility to your iPhone device by unlocking the iCloud account.

  • Step 1) First, you need to open the ‘Menu’.

  • Step 2) Tap on the ‘Application’.

  • Step 3) Then, select ‘Crash’ to begin the reboot process on your iPhone.

  • Step 4) Now, select your preferred language and country.

  • Step 5) After selecting your language and country, browse to the Wifi setting and click on “i” icon.

  • Step 6) Scroll down and press your finger on the Menu option from the HTTP proxy.

  • Step 7) You’ll see the 30 emoji icons in the server.

  • Step 8) You’ll also see the port zone listed with 15-30 elements. 

  • Step 9) Then, you continually need to tap the language option until your Home screen appears.

With the help of this above information, you can easily unlock your iPhone device permanently. Apart from this, there is one more effective method to unlock your iPhone for free using third party software named ‘OFFICIALPHONEUNLOCK’. It is one of the quickest methods to unlock iPhone and does no damage to the iPhone. It provides a temporary access to your iOS device for a specific period. While using this software, the user doesn't require entering their login details of the iCloud account. If you are curious to learn more, then contact Apple tech support professionals through iCloud customer service helpline number available on the web.